Peruvian Myths and legends
Fernando Rosas

ISBN: 9789972970634
Publisher: 169
Fecha Edición: Arequipa, 2008
Idioma: Español
Pages: 130
Format: 12,5 x 19,5 Rústica

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Some historical, archaelogical and ethnographic research reveal, that in Inca time, the Andean man was obsessed with tradition. He was attached to the acquired forms and filled with a fear of change. He longed to preserve the past and this loging was expressed in his customs and habits that later developed into institutions and practices through which he remembered his history. The Andean way of life was a constant reminder of the past.
This is evident in the Pacarina Cult: The worshipping of places in nature, where the first ancestor of each clan, were said to have appeared. Also in the Malquis Cult: A mummy was treated as a live human being.

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