English Version Tony Custer

Fundacion F. A. Custer
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Lima, Noviembre 2011

The art of Peruvian Cuisine Vol II
English Version

Peruvian Cuisine es daily more surprising and envolved. This sophistication increasingly includes the techniques and ingredients of other areas -the andes, the amazon, etc.- that were notably absent from Book I.
We have today hundreds of tourists a week who arrive in Lima for a "gastronomic tour" and there are also visitors who spend several days going to the market and cooking their meals under the supervision and guidance of Peruvian Chefs.
The author is amazed at what has happend in Peru. "My amazement has impelled me to put together this volume, Book II, in order to share with you what has gone on in these past eleven years".

Ficha Técnica

EditorialFundacion F. A. Custer
PublicaciónLima, Noviembre 2011
Formato31 x 25 Tapa Dura
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